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In order for the site to work properly, we sometimes put little data files on your device : the cookies. Most great sites work the same way.

What is a cookie ? A cookie is a little text file a site saves onto your computer or mobile phone when you visit the site. It allows the site to remember your actions and your settings (such as the connexion, the font size and other display settings) over a period of time. You don't have to key them every time you come back on the site or browse from one page to another.

How and why do we use cookies ? Many of our pages use cookies to remember : actions and the user's identification, display preferences, such as color and contrast settings or font sizes. It allows us to make browsing easier, to improve the functionalities and the performances of our site, to memorize if you have already completed a survey (if so, you won't be asked again) or if you have accepted our use of cookies... Besides, some videos and articles or applications integrated in our pages use a cookie to anonymously collect statistics about the way you arrived on these pages or about the videos you watched.

These cookies' activation is not strictly needed for the site to work properly, but it offers you a better browsing experience. You can delete or block those cookies but if you do, some of the site's features could not work as desired. You can control and delete cookies as you wish – for more details, go to or on CNIL site here.

You can delete all the cookies that already are on your computer and you can set up most of the browsers to prevent cookies from being created. If you do so however, you might have to adjust some settings manually every time you visit the site and some features may not work properly. Data concerning are not used to identify yourself personally and set up data are entirely under our control. Cookies are not used for any other purposes than the ones described here.


According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforced on May 25th 2018, you have the right to access your data. You can ask us to delete your whole profile and all your data by contacting us online or by mail to the following address : AURUMONDE – Service données personnelles – Porte de l’Arenas Hall C 6ème étage CS 13326 - 455 Promenade des Anglais - 06206 Nice Cedex and give your name, first name, email address and your customer reference if you have already ordered on the site. According to the current regulation, your application must be signed and you have to provide a photocopy of your identity document with your signature and give the address where you want to receive your reply. You will get the reply within 1 month from the receipt time of your request.


1/ Data gathering

We gather data when you sign up on our site, when you log on to your account, buy a product, enter a contest, and when you log out. The gathered data include your name, your email address and if you have given them : your telephone number, credit card (in a encrypted form for your security) and other information.

Besides, we receive and automatically save information from your computer and your browser : IP address, your softwares and equipment, and the web page you are searching for. These data are mainly used for statistics about visits, durations, geo-localization...

2/ Data use

All the data we gather can be used to :

  • customize your experience and meet your personal needs
  • provide customized advertising content and offers
  • improve our site
  • improve customer service and support system
  • contact you by email
  • manage a contest, promotion, survey

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3/ E-commerce privacy

We are the only owners of the data gathered on this site. Your personal data will not be sold, shared, transferred or given to any other society without your consent, except regarding what is necessary to answer your demand and/or make a transaction (to send your order for example).

4/ Disclosure to third parties

We don't sell, share or transfer your identifiable personal data to third parties. This doesn't concern trustworthy third parties which help our site to work properly, as long as they agree on keeping them confidential.

We think it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent from or take action against illegal activities, presumed frauds, situations implying potential threats to people's physical security, violations of our terms of use, or when the law forces us to do so.

Non-private information, however, can be shared to other parties for marketing, advertisement or other purposes.

5/ Data protection

We do everything we can to protect your personal data's security. We use high technology encryption to protect sensitive information transferred online. We also protect your data offline. The only employees who have access to identifiable personal data are those who have a specific work (for example invoicing or customer service). Computers and servers used to store identifiable personal data are kept in a secure environment.

6/ Do we use cookies ?

Yes, we do. Cookies improve the access to our site and identify regular visitors. Besides, cookies improve the user experience thanks to the follow-up and the targeting of your interests. We invite you to read our whole cookies policy by browsing the dedicated page on our site.

7/ Unsubscribe

We use the email address you provide us to send you information and updates regarding your order, occasional news of the company, linked products information... If, at any time, you wish to unsubscribe and not to receive emails anymore, unsubscribe detailed instructions are included at the bottom of every email.

8/ Consent

By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy.


Head office

Porte de l’Arenas Hall C 6ème étage CS 13326
455 Promenade des Anglais
06206 Nice Cedex (FRANCE)